This sculpture of a person is the result of a collaborative arts project devised to coincide with a national anti bullying week. It began with a brainstorming session with a group of children and adults on what bullying was and how you would feel if you were being bullied. It was decided that a sculpture of a person crouched down would portray some of the feelings discussed, such as being alone or afraid but could also act as a symbol or fulcrum to encourage further projects in order to confront these issues.

The sculpture itself is made up from casts of body limbs from some of those participating in the workshop, which put together creates a disproportioned, genderless figure. These decisions convey the idea that everyone is susceptible to bullying regardless of age, size or gender.

Writing and drawing onto the surface of the sculpture was then encouraged as a way to express inner feelings outwardly and is continually added to.